Would you like your dog to
be kept busy all day and meet new friends?


More and more people are discovering the benefits of Doggie Daycare.

If you worry about what your dog is doing home alone, what chewed up toy will you walk in to after hours of work, we can keep your dog busy. There's always a risk of walking in to a toilet accident or even a neighbour waiting to complain about the constant barking of a lonely dog but there doesn't have to be.

May be you want your dog to be kept stimulated and social when you can't be at home with them.

Your dog will receive lots of play time, interaction with other dogs and cuddles! They'll get a much needed rest, water and play time when they wake from their beauty nap.  You can come home to a happy and tired dog.

You can opt in or out (completely up to you) to receive regular updates throughout the day or simply get feedback when you pick up your companion.

*We are hoping to be able to offer a pick-up and drop-off service very soon for extra convenience!

For your dog to qualify for Daycare, they must be good with other dogs, house trained (this is not essential, but preferred), and must be neutured, fully vaccinated, have regular kennel cough, worm and flea treatments and not be aggressive.

Weekend and Bank Holiday rates vary from the price seen here. Please enquire with us.


£15 per day

  £10 per additional dog from the same household