Training Duke.

Before you watch these short videos, let's set the scene...

Duke is a puppy. A massive, fluffy, bouncy puppy.

He likes to play with other dogs and explore his surroundings.

When he is home and in a mischievous mood, it gets the better of him and the cats become his pass time.

This is where Jamie comes in.

Jamie is working on instructions and distractions to help Duke learn when to leave something alone.

Jamie will incorporate Duke's owners in to the training so Duke will learn to take the instructions from them as well.

There is a cat in the carrier and Jamie works with Duke to give a peace offering to the cat.

The videos on this page are only short but now you have the backstory you will be able to grasp what is going on.

We'll be posting updates of how Duke is progressing as often as we can.

Progress Update!

So Jamie gave Duke's owners some tips on working on recalling Duke when Jamie isn't there.

This video shows Duke and his owner praticing the recall technique.

You'll notice Duke has a moment where he's considering playing with the cats.

Duke's owner Pete says 'Come On' and Duke comes back without so much as a sniff at the cats.